These Powerful Photos Show Why Smartphones Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good


In a photo series called, Death of a Conversation, London-based photographer Babycakes Romero avoids the epidemic of smartphones and documents by photograph, people’s connections or lack thereof. His conviction for this is that he believes our addiction and need for digital devices rather than human interaction is adding to pain and social awkwardness.


He sees smartphones as a barrier to humans communicating period. While out at shopping malls and restaurants, Romero observed a common trait in people, they were using their smartphone instead of interacting with each other. Romero was quoted saying that, “they do not even seem present in the real world. They are ‘plugged in’ to a virtual world of their own making.” Why is this important you might ask? According to Romero, his photos will aid in educating people who view them and he aims to raise more of a discussion about social smartphone etiquette. Perhaps someone should write a book on smartphone etiquette.

“Maybe [people] would at least consider how they use their smartphones and question whether it is appropriate to do it at the expense of those around them and also themselves,” he adds.












death-of-conversation-12(H/T Mashable) (Photo Credits: Babycakes Romero)

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