These 22 Colorized Historical Photos Will Completely Change How You See The Past

Black and white photos use to take us to a different era, a time when things seemed so long ago that it was just too hard to fathom what the previous generations must have been like.

Now, in the age of filters, Photoshop, etc., black and white photos aren’t as historical or impactful as they once were.

However, what if you could reverse the ancient black and white photos and reveal their color in more detail.

As if somehow seeing these iconic images in color would make it more real and close enough to imagine what times were like “back then”.

These creative photographers did just that:

1. Sergeant George Camblair practicing with a gas mask, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 1942


ccb5466b-ce71-4c16-be7c-7c73f9360307via Ryan Urban

2. Operation Overlord, June 1944


5e363075-7138-4a16-b490-9eb32d5b2e09via reddit /u/photojacker

3. Women creating World War II propaganda posters, Port Washington, New York, July 8th, 1942


6adce2b7-6385-4eed-b17c-3a3feed5d072via Patty Allison

4. Lonely kid with a stuffed animal, London 1945


7dcb0dc2-e648-467d-95bc-c4ac5cdfe3dbvia Andreas Larsson

5. Auto wreck, Washington D.C., 1921


55fb53eb-e577-4e40-89b2-c7474372666dvia reddit /u/mygrapefruit

6. 27-year-old Charlie Chaplin, 1916


8d54092d-290d-49d5-be52-84367157621evia reddit /u/BenAfleckIsAnOkActor

7. Abraham Lincoln

17f290ef-f83e-435d-be7e-ff518281f80bvia Andreas Larsson

8. Holiday goers, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1905


cc7cf2dc-f733-4d8c-a5b9-d48eb0f56a35via reddit /u/mygrapefruit

9. Hellen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin, 1919



10. Easter Eggs for Hitler, circa 1944-1945


94686a9f-28cf-4431-b654-cdcdc6e1fbe0via reddit /u/zuzahin

11. Newspaper boy, Ned Parfett, selling the paper bearing the Titanic’s disaster, April 16, 1912


3e6e378d-b037-4b51-ba6b-a89ebc319526via Dana R. Keller

12. Mark Twain, circa 1900


222125a8-6bfe-4835-8007-a78a5bd5a0efvia reddit /u/zuzahin

13. Broadway, Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, New York, circa 1900-1915


896128cc-efe5-4d17-8946-deffd6f4c7d1via Sanna Dullaway

14. Women delivering ice, 1918


40675415-62f4-4118-8425-ef9be8a9d167via Dana R. Keller

15. Buchenwald concentration camp, near Weimar, Germany, April 16th, 1945


7e125c24-713f-49cf-baa5-48972a58c021via reddit /u/BenAfleckIsAnOkActor

16. Walt Whitman, 1887

walt-whitman-1887-dana-kellerColorized by Dana Keller

17. Abraham Lincoln meets General McClellan, Antietam, Marylan, September 1862


b579bc4f-ee84-47b4-8ecf-45dbf1b1093bvia Zuzah

19. W.H. Murphy and his associate demonstrating their bulletproof vest, October 13th, 1923


ce59dd47-af96-45da-a112-938da5e64998via reddit /u/zuzahin

20. Elizabeth Taylor – Giant (1956 film)


elizabeth-taylor-giant-malakon-originalColorized by malakon

21. Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father and only surviving family member, revisiting the attic, May 3rd, 1960


de43e420-e5d7-4501-b9b8-632ec3986b52via Laiz Kuczynski

22. Hindenburg disaster, May 6, 1937


edff839f-075d-4083-ac78-7f1c9409ace7via reddit /u/klassixx

You can check out even more cool black and white photos colorized over at Reddit’s r/ColorizedHistory.

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