These 13 Horrifying Ultrasound Pictures Will Make You Never Want To Have Children

Parenthood is a spectacular life changing event.

Typically when parents go in for ultrasound pictures it’s to hear good news about how their little bun in the oven is doing.

Ultrasound pictures of fetus are typically sort of hazy to begin with although they’ve come such a very long way.

Every now and then you get some that look rather creepy.

Here are 13 ultrasound pictures that will freak you out. These have not been altered in any way.

1. Is it me, or does this child look exactly like an alien?
ultrasound pictures
 2. “It’s looking at me!”
ultrasound pictures
  3. Saw baby much?
ultrasound pictures
4. Freaky mouth open baby
  5. Skeletal baby
    6. What am I looking at?
   7. Halloween baby
 8. Nightmare before Christmas baby
  9. Eyes! 
  10.  Another skull baby 
 11. I see you! 
12. Angry baby!
13. Alien baby!


Birth is a phenomenal thing. Parenthood is an adventure in and of itself. So why not poke a little fun before your life completely changes?

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