The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is So Ridiculously Big… It’s Mind-Boggling

This is the biggest pool in the world…. The colossal pool measures in at 3,324 feet (1,013 meters) in length comprising a total of 19.77 acres.

It’s located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile making it the largest pool in the world.

It was officially listed as the biggest pool in the world by area in the Guinness Book of World Records in December 2006.

It takes 66 million gallons (250 million liters) of water to fill the pool. Not surprisingly, this is a popular tourist destination even for Chileans.

The project began in 1997 when Fernando Fischmann, Chairman and founder, decided to create a real estate tourism project: Sam Alfonso del Mar, — the small town of Chile’s central coast.


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The technology behind this massive pool has a worldwide patent. It collects and filters water from the ocean, maintaining a temperature that’s up to 9 degrees warmer than the ocean water (during summer).

Fischmann is a biochemist who came up with the technology to allow for ‘lagoons of unlimited size’ able to collect ocean water, clean it, and keep it in perfect condition. The result is this beautiful crystal clear water.



Kayaking and wind surfing


Scuba diving in a pool… Why not?!




A pool within a pool



This looks like fun



It also has an impressive indoor facility


Check out the video

How about a dip in this pool? For additional information about the pool visit Crystal Lagoon’s website, or check out San Alfonso del Mar.

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