The World’s First Cruise Ship Hotel Is Stuck On The Edge Of A Massive Cliff

Taking a cruise is one of the funnest vacations you could have. I know it’s not for some people, but it’s actually a really neat experience, especially if it’s your first cruise.

There’s nothing like being waited on constantly, relaxing and enjoying the amazing ocean view, and not to mention the three or four island locations you get to step foot on.

However, if your not interested in cruising, but want just experience a small portion of it…. this right here is pretty cool.

Located in Gangneung, South Korea, is a cruise ship, but this ship isn’t in the water… it’s actually perched on a cliff.

It’s called the Sun Cruise Hotel and it offers everything a cruise does, except it doesn’t move.

It’s one amazing sight, especially at night



Once inside, you’ll find all the luxuries of a cruise ship


It’s quite affordable, even cheaper than an actual cruise


The suites are top notch


The pool looks off into the ocean


It has an amazing piano bar



The dinner lounge has some of the best views



They can host many events


Like a wedding 🙂


It’s worth a look, especially if you’re trying to find some place to vacation


The hotel has a TripAdvisor rating of 4 stars and 73% of the people that have stayed there recommended it. Currently, the lowest price I found starts at about $94.

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