The Cool Luna Lamp Lets You Literally Give Someone The Moon

If you haven’t already seen It’s a Wonderful Life by now, you really should. “You want the moon?

Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.” It doesn’t get any more romantic than that, fellas. Take note.

We know it’s physically impossible to lasso the moon, but hey, it doesn’t mean you can’t own your very own moon.

Meet “Luna” everyone. Lit with long-lasting halogen bulbs, she’s a non-toxic latex and fiberglass moon that’s available for pre-order in 2016.

Your own personal moon can come in various sizes from XXS (3.2 inches) to XXL (23.6in).


The Luna moon lamp is guaranteed to add character and romance to any space it fills, and not to mention, much like the cloud lamp… it’s a great conversation piece.

Luna received over 225K in funding in late 2015 thanks to their Indiegogo campaign, where they raised enough to start pre-orders.


Every Luna comes with a cord, and a device to adjust luminosity







7 Sizes of Luna


It truly transforms any room. The smaller version of Luna starts out at $80, and increases on up to $910 for the XXL 23.6 inch one.

Acorn Studios is currently taking pre-orders, with shipping starting in early September for U.S. and Europe.

Not interested in a moon lamp? Well how about a cloud lamp?!

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