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The Notorious Monte Cristo Homestead: The Most Haunted House In Australia

Australia’s most haunted homestead sits in Junee, New South Wales and has had a series of tragic events unfold throughout i’s history, earning it its much-deserved title.

The property was built in 1885, and in its time of existence it has had a pregnant caretaker pushed over a balcony, a baby thrown down the stairs and a stable boy tragically burn to death while he slept.

Olive Ryan and her late husband purchased the Victorian manor in 1963 and believes it is still haunted by the previous owners — Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley — who died between 1910 and 1933.


When Mrs. Ryan first purchased the property, she calmed the house lit up despite not having any power. Olive Ryan has lived in the home for 50 years and has collected a series of photos of the property in which ghosts appear. The Ryan’s son, Lawrence, grew up on the property and knew from an early age that something was off about Monte Cristo. “It always felt like someone was watching me,” he told The Project.


“I’ve had a hand on my shoulder,” Ms. Ryan told The Project. “I’ve had my name called when I’ve been here by myself. It’s nothing to hear footsteps on the balcony and you go out and there’s no one there.”


A portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Crawley, the previous property owners who still haunt the home


Olive Ryan and her late husband Reg purchased the property in 1963. One of their first experiences with the home was when the entire house was lit despite not having electricity.


Lawrence Ryan, their son, grew up in the mansion. His wife Sophia has lived in the home for four years and claims, she has a deeper connection with the haunted house. “I’ve had a past life here,” she told The Project. “I’ve learnt that I was one of the maids here.”



The maid was said to have been pregnant with Mr. Crawley’s child and threw herself off of the second floor balcony


A young girl was thrown down the stairs, however a nanny claimed she was pushed


The stories do not end here. There are also reports of a caretaker who was shot dead on the property in 1961 and rumors that a housekeeper tied his mentally ill son to an outhouse for more than 30 years. Other reports said that he was found curled up next to the body of his dead mother and sent to a mental institute where he died shortly thereafter. The property is currently operating as a bed and breakfast and runs ghost tours.


The Ryan’s believe that in this photo you can see an Aboriginal maid in the mirror


The photo of the old bedroom where you can see a white shadowy figure on the left was taken by a visitor


It’s Mr. Ryan’s belief that even the most skeptical of minds would change once they visit the haunted mansion



Paintings of Mr. Crawley and antiques fill the eerie mansion. “We get lots of non-believers and we have lots of non-believers walking out the door having a second thought about the spirit and the afterlife here,” Mr Ryan said.


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