‘Spongebob’ Fans Can Now Vacation In A Giant Pineapple, Just Not Under The Sea

How big of a SpongeBob fan are you? Enough to sleep in a life-size pineapple by the sea in the Dominican Republic?

Thanks to Nickelodeon, you can now sleep in a giant pineapple modeled after SpongeBob’s very own humble abode.

The life-sized pineapple villa is located in Nick Resort Punta Canta where the ultimate SpongeBob lovers will be asked to fork out a whopping $3,800 for one night.

You’ll get to enjoy a private, 1,500 square foot pineapple villa paradise with the amazing underwater decor, a private pool, a shell phone, and the life-sized replica of Gary.

The butler will even bring you unlimited Krabby Patties!









Krabby Patties on command, and your oven private pool

Hmmmmmmm 🍔 @nickresortpuntacana #nickresortpuntacana

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