Mesmerizing Step By Step Process Of Creating A Scarecrow Sculpture From Clay

In a film by artist and sculptor Jim McKenzie, he takes us on voyage and shares with us his artful step by step creation of one of his many characters titled “The Scarecrow.”

His character begins with a simple sketch before being hand molded from epoxy clay.

Following molding, McKenzie then adds features to the character using acrylic pain and glass eyes. The Scarecrow then rests on faux grass.

The process is hypnotizing and masterful to watch.

Every stitch, cut, and color is carefully and creatively allocated on various parts of his character. Lost Magic is Mckenzie’s solo exhibition which developed into a full gallery show in 2016.

Each sculpture is extremely unique, colorful, and unusual. If you want one of them, they don’t come cheap. Some of the sculptures run as much as $10,000.

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