Professors Hilariously Read Their Rate My Professor Reviews In Front Of Class

If you graduated college recently, chances are you know what RateMyProfessor is and you more than likely utilized it prior to signing up for your courses. After all, who would want to get stuck with a horrible professor who has the ability to make four months of your life a living hell.

We’ve all had bad teachers but “Rate My Professor” empowers us to avoid that terrible experience and warn others. And it should be that way. You’re paying thousands of dollars to spend a good chunk of your time being instructed by these professors and you need to make the most of it. But how can you do that if the person at the podium has no idea what they’re doing or visibly hates their job?

The review website has been a godsend for many. It’s saved many from heartache, frustration, bad grades, late nights, insurmountable stress, and thousands of dollars by simply providing feedback from previous students. So essentially, it’s make or break for new professors because if they suck, the entire school is going to know about it.

Sure, professors are human and some of the feedback may not all be warranted. Some probably read the review and some probably don’t.

If you’re this professor, you do.

Instead of sulking in the negative reviews, this professor turned the tables on the students. With a little bit of humor, this professor turned what could have been a nasty situation into hilarity by reading all of his own “terrible” reviews in front of his class. Some were absolutely brutal and some were downright hilarious.

















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