How Pop Culture Icons Look In Real-Life Will Give You Nightmares

You’ll never view cartoon characters the same again after checking out these hyper-realistic 3D models created by Australian digital artist, Wil Hughes.

He’s re-envisioned some of the most iconic cartoon characters of our time by turning them into frightening realistic portraits.

Hughes, who studies animation at Griffith University in Brisbane, created a real-life looking Homer Simpson, a super realistic Where’s Waldo, SpongeBob, and a terrifying Ronald McDonald like you’ve never seen them before.

#1 Ronald Mcdonald

#2 Rick Sanchez

#3 Homer Simpson

#4 Wally

#5 Squidward Tennisballs

#6 Krusty The Clown

#7 Googly Bear

#8 An Old Classic

#9 Pepe

#10 Peter Griffin

#11 Spongebob

#12 Grim

#13 Gary The Snail

#14 Hercules

#16 Sheldon J. Plankton

You can check out more of Hughes amazing work over at his website and store where you can purchase various items.

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