Photographs Of Soldiers’ Faces Before, During, And After War Show A Haunting Reality

The complexities of war are endless and tragic. Whatever side one is on, it’s bound to take a toll on any individual mentally, physically and spiritually. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to warfare. What would someone look like before, during, and after a war?

Private Chris MacGregor, 24


This is exactly what photographer Lalage Snow set out to do. Based in Kabul, Afghanistan this 8-month-long portrait series involves British soldiers and their deployment titled We Are The Not Dead. Snow captures the physical changes these individuals go through before, during, and after the long war in Afghanistan. This series aims to honor the brave individuals who have paid the ultimate price all over the world.

Lance Corporal Sean Tennant, 29

According to Snow, “It was a very personal project and stemmed from having embedded with the military on and off for 4 years in Iraq and Afghanistan and bearing witness to how many young men return as shadows of their former selves and, in many cases, with deep, psychological scars.”

“As the body count of British servicemen killed or wounded rose and the political ramifications of the British army’s presence in Afghanistan became increasingly convoluted, more and more soldiers felt like they didn’t have a voice, or at least, weren’t being listened to. We Are The Not Dead is an attempt at giving the brave young men and women the chance to explain how it really is.”

Private Ben Frater, 21
Corporal Steven Gibson, 29
Second Lieutenant Struan Cunningham, 24
Private Fraiser Pairman, 21
Lance Corporal Martyn Rankin, 23
Second Lieutenant Adam Petzsch, 25
Private Jo Yavala, 28
Private Michael Swan, 20
Lance Corporal Christopher Burns, 23
Private Becky Hitchcock, 23
Private Dylan Hughes, 26
Lance Corporal David McLean, 27
Private Sean Patterson, 19
Private Steven Anderson, 31
 Private Matthew Hodgson, 18
Sergeant Alexander McBroom, 24

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