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Woman Uses 13,000 Pennies To Create A Beautiful Penny Floor

Pennies lying around can get seriously annoying. Half the time we have no idea what to do with them but somehow, they just keep creeping up on us.

If you haven’t found a good solution for them yet, Tonya Tooners has an idea. The Portland, Oregon-based DIY fanatic has created a beautifully speckled penny floor using 13,000 ($130) pennies.

“I started by measuring the area [of the room] and finding the center,” she wrote on Imgur.

Three $50 bags of pennies from a bank, 10 bottles of Elmer’s glue, wood filler, grout, and high dollar epoxy were used to complete her new floor.

While it took her a few months to complete — and often stalled by a dog named Trouble who kept pooping on the pennies — Tooners’ final design efforts really paid off. ““Just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going,” she wrote.

A penny floor you say?


Coming along nicely










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