These 35 Ingeniously Creative Packaging Designs Practically Sell Themselves

First impressions are everything… especially with a packaging design. Chances are that the more eye-catching a products packaging is, the more it’ll spark the consumers’ interest. Various products compete for customers each and every day, so why not get a bit out there and create some ultra-cool and unique packaging?

1. Thelma’s Treats

1Via: Thelma’s Treats

That’s exactly what 35 product packaging designers have done which generated some incredibly clever results. Even if they can’t make the sell, the product packaging is certainly memorable. Take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

2. Origami tea bags

2Via: Nathalia Ponomareva

3. Heroes Never Sleep eye masks

3Via: Behance

4. Festina Waterproof Watches

4Via: Ralf Schhroder

5. Antrepo salt and pepper shakers

5Via: Antrepo

6. Nike Air shoe…. in air

6Via: CB

7. Bzzz American Honey

7Via: Back Bone Branding

8. These creativity coffee cups

8Via: Deutsch Design Work

9. These fruity Kleenex boxes

9Via: Hiroko Sanders

10. Built-in spreader for single-serve containers

10Via: Yanko Design

11. Poilu Paintbrushes

11Via: Poilu

12. Coffee lid that holds cream and sugar

12Via: Yanko Designs

13. This rubber band box

13Via: Dave Airey

14. Spaghetti shaped like the Empire State Building

14Via: Alex Creamer

15. Note Headphones

15Via: Corrine Pant

16. Kohberg Bread

16Via: Potato Feed

17. Hanger Tea Packs

17Via: Packaging of the World

18. Sushi To-Go Box

18Via: Behance

19. Smirnoff Caipiro

19Via: JWT

20. Fit Buns High Protein Bread

20Via: Drool’d

21. This Marvel Store bag

21Via: CSS Design Awards

22. Trident Gum

22Via: Behance

23. WhiteBites Dog Snacks

23Via: Cecilia Uhr

24. Neat Pizza Fingers box will keep your fingers clean

24Via: Yanko Design

25. This mountain tissue dispenser

25Via: Good By Market

26. Ricola “Unwrap Your Voice” lozenges

26Via: If It’s Hip, It’s Here

27. City Harvest grocery bag

27Via: Dana Teil

28. Spark Laundry Detergent shaped like a washing machine

28Via: Packiii

29. Jucee Juice Boxes peel away the layers of flavor

29Via: slwshin

30. This Pistachio package

30Via: Rozenfelde

31. These clever YKM Gym Bags

31Via: World Trends

32. AMPRO wine bottle comes with two glasses

32Via: AMPRO

33. Top Paw On-the-Go food with built in bowl

33Via: The Dieline

34. Parmesan cheese pencil and sharpener 

34Via: Packii

35. This gnome bag bread holder

35Via: Lo Siento Studio

Pretty creative huh?! I mean sersiouly if I saw any of these things in the store I would buy it in a heart beat…. not because I need it, but cause of the packaging… (duh)! Let us know which one you liked the best and give this a share before you go. (h/t 22 Words)

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