Finally!! Someone Invented A Head Hammock That Lets You Comfortably Sleep While Traveling

Those of us who fly or ride frequently are familiar with the dilemma of trying to get your head comfortable enough for you to fall asleep amid your journey.

We lean it to the right and lean it to the left, but somehow we’re still utterly uncomfortable. Paula Blankenship has had it with that battle.

She’s invented the NodPod, a hammock for your head. This cool head hammock will get you snoozing on a plane in no time, without the fuss.

The NodPod recreates the way you sleep only your head is in an upright position.






It’s only $25 and the chord won’t get in the way of the person’s television screen behind you.

Now, you can nod off in peace, just don’t snore. You can pre-order one over at Kickstarter.

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