VO Falcon Rifle: The World’s Most Expensive Rifle

The VO Falcon Rifle is the most expensive rife in the world, and not only is it brilliantly crafted, but it has a take-down system which allows the shooter to use several different calibers.

The only catch is the price, and at $820,000 that’s one hell of a catch, unless you have millions to throw away.

And at that point… why are you using it on a hunting rifle? This particular sporting rifle was manufactured at VO Vapen in Fjälkinge, Sweden, and was inspired by falconry traditions in Arabian.

It also features some of the world’s finest walnut root, embellished by the incredible drawings of Peregrine and Saker falcons.



Only five of these guns exist in the world


The barrel is made of Damascus steel



VO Vapen makes rifles in a limited number every year for the rich and famous around the world





Would you buy one if you had the money?

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