Michelangelo’s 16th-Century Tuscan Villa Is On The Market, And It’s Insanely Beautiful

In case you have $8.06 million lying around, Michelangelo’s Tuscan villa  is up for sale. Michelangelo purchased the 8 bed, 7 bath 12,916 square foot home in 1549 while in his early seventies. It has since been passed down through his family for more than 300 years.

Tuscany, Tuscany Italy

The latest owner preserved and remodeled the home with modern updates before listing it on the market. Other than once being owned by the legendary sculptor, architect, and Sistine Chapel painter, the villa comprises three multi-story buildings, a lemon orchard, Chianti vineyards, and an olive grove and olive mill on six lustrous acres. Included in the purchase of the home is the original deed referring to Michelangelo as a “dear sculptor and Florentine citizen.”

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