50 Incredibly Useful Life Hacks That You Probably Didn’t Know

Life hacks are meant to simplify your life and according to its actual definition, it’s a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Some are a little more ridiculous than others, but there are quite a few that are pretty brilliant. You’ve probably seen a few of these, but we’ve tried to find some new hacks you haven’t seen before.

Below are 50 of the best and most useful life hacks that have been hand selected by us. Enjoy!

#1 Removing the yolk


#2 How to find a lost dog

#3 A tennis ball makes for a good holder of things

life hacks




#6 Pop A Stocking Over The Head Of Your Vacuum Cleaner To Find Small, Missing Items



#8 Use a vacuum hose to create a quick ponytail




#10 Carry lotion in a contact case


You will probably ruin the highlighter, but if you’re desperate to get permanent marker off, this will help. After you neutralize the stain, clean it off with soap and water.


#13 When You Have To Hang Something With Exact Holes, Photocopy The Back And Use As A Template

#14 Prevent bandages from always slipping off





#17 If You’re Moving, You Can Use This Method To Easily Transport All The Clothes That You Hang

credit: randomusefulbits



#19 Use a binder clip to protect head of razors



#21 Keep your frozen vegetables organized and secure

#22 How to parallel park





#25 DIY Ice Pack

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