Legos For Adults Will Bring Your Childhood Creations To Life

It’s about time someone invented Legos for adults. EverBlocks are giant LEGO blocks for adults that can be used to build anything!

From walls to furniture to shelves, tables, and even bars, EverBlock founder Arnon Rosan ingeniously recognized there was a market for LEGO-obsessed adults.

The way the clocks are created really allows you to get creative whether you’re an interior designer or just someone looking to add something unique to their space.

Fully-functioning furniture and structures

According to Wired, “Rosan created EverBlock as a way of easily constructing furniture like couches and coffee tables, but he quickly realized the big blocks have applications far beyond that. People have built house-like structures, room dividers, and art.”

“The product’s website features a virtual builder tool people can use to create designs and determine how many bricks they’ll need.”

They come in 15 different colors and are available to purchase immediately. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

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