Incredible Photos Show The Ancient Tradition Of Honey Hunting, And It’s Insane

Andrew Newey is a documentary travel photographer who recently went on a voyage to document the ancient art of honey hunting. He spent two weeks living with Gurung tribespeople to learn about their ancient art of honey hunting. It’s not as easy as it looks and in his photos, Newey captures the perils and skills required in this practice.



Very few outsiders have ever seen this. Unfortunately, their practices are being threatened by several things: the decreasing amount of honeybees, the lack of honey hunters, the medicinal reputation of Himalayan honey, and the increasing commercialization of “honey hunt tours” to tourists that leads to the depletion of resources for honey gatherers.


Poised precariously on rope ladders, honey hunters risk their lives to gather the honey, using only long sticks known as tangos to knock the honeycomb off the Himalayan cliffside and into baskets, which are then lowered to the ground.



Shot with clarity and thoughtfulness, these striking photographs not only provide a glimpse of the Gurung honey hunters’ unique lifestyle, but also serve to chronicle the death of this old tradition.








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