If Luxury Brands Made Normal Supermarket Products Here’s What It Would Look Like

Wow. So, this will make you think differently about brands. Who in the world would buy Versace Eggs or Gucci Pickles? Lol. I’m trying to imagine what iMilk would even taste like. Any who, there’s an artist who thought of this brilliant exhibition, just to make you and I think a little harder about brands.


Eggs by Versace

Peddy Mergui exhibits “Wheat for Wheat is Wheat,” that combines luxury brands with your ordinary household items. It’s an odd pair for sure, but, “The goal was creating everyday products, that are very common in every household, and design them in a very seductive high-end brand language, and to make us think,” Mergui says. “Why does Apple milk suddenly seem appealing? Does it make us feel more valuable? If this exhibition would succeed raising these questions, it’s done its work.”

Would a Tiffany & Co yogurt actually taste better than your average Oikos?

Fruit by Nike
Ramen Noodles by Burberry
Tea cookies by Dolce and Gabbana
iMilk by Apple
Pasta by Ferrari
Yogurt by Tiffany & Co
Baby formula by Chanel
Flour by Prada
Coffee by Cartier
Pickles by Gucci


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