Guy Turns Ordinary Everyday Objects Into Amazingly Detailed Tiny Worlds

Poy Hymoadd, a.k.a Peeowhy is a Thai artist with a passion for photography and miniature diorama characters. He has taken ordinary objects like coke cans, bell peppers and household items and transformed them into wise and versatile scenes with miniature people in them. Poy says his inspiration came from Japanese animation titled, “Arrietty” by Studio Ghibli.



“It was a story about miniature people that lived with humans all the time, but they haven’t even been noticed. This sparked my idea.” Poy has managed to turn the most unlikely of objects into an interesting backdrop with his own style that sets him apart from others who practice the same art… I try to differentiate my work by playing with objects, tools, fruits, etc. Highlight on a surrealistic idea that is built around imagination.” 










You can check out more of Hymoaad’s amazing work over at his Facebook and Instagram pages, or at Fotolia. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook, and don’t forget to drop us a comment below! (h/t Dose)

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