Guy Makes A Cool Engagement Ring Box That Opens And Closes Like A Camera Aperture

What’s more romantic than having an engagement ring box personally made for you by your boyfriend? One Imgurian decided  he would create a unique ring box that opens up like the aperture on a camera for his photographer girlfriend. The results are truly impressive. Not only is the ring box a labor of his love, but the ring is one that was purchased by his grandmother many moons ago before her recent passing. Check out the gallery below to see how it was made.


Here are the materials you will need that can be purchased from McMaster Carr


Turn the sleeve
Soldered leaf
Installing the leaves
Assembled top
Test Fit Cushion
The completed box, side view

All of the wood is Ipe, the sleeve is machinable brass, the leaves are bronze shim stock, the pins (invisible when assembled) are 0.060″ brass and the cushion is made from some sliced up nerf darts covered in velvet. It works by twisting the sleeve and the bottom wood base. I based the original plans on this instructable




This ring was his grandmother’s old ring that was purchased in the 40’s. Sadly, she passed away earlier and the ring has stayed in the family ever since.

And here it is…And she said yes! 


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