Why Cut Trees Down?! When You Can Build A Tubular Glass House Around It

If you really want to feel as though you’re living in the wilderness, how about a four-story glass house surrounded by enormous and magnificent trees?

The tree house among the forest of fir trees was designed by Kazakh architect Aibek Almssov of A.Masow Architects.

Although the idea was first born in 2013, its construction was halted after an investor had pulled out of the project.

It wasn’t until a solar panel and manufacturer became intrigued by the idea that the “Tree in the House” finally came to fruition.



No exact date on when the house will be finished as of yet


But at least we have these beautiful renderings for now






According to Almassov, “We wanted to combine the capabilities of modern industrial design and the natural wealth and beauty. And more importantly it doesn’t do harm to the environment. This is an opportunity to escape from the sweltering concrete boxes and feel the present unity with nature.”

If you thought that was cool, check out these burial pods that will turn you into a tree when you die. (More info: amasow.com) (h/t Dezeen)

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