So Floating Bonsai Trees Are Now Actually A Thing, And It’s Pretty Awesome

Levitating bonsai trees are coming out of Japan – really.

A small company called Hoshinchu based in Kyushu invented Air Bonsai, which is a system that magnetically levitates small bonsai trees inches above a miniature electrified platform.

You don’t even have to use a bonsai tree; you can use it to plant your favorite shrub. It comes with a moss ball, the energy base, and should be watered from time to time.

People really appreciate the idea too — judging by the company’s Kickstarter page. In less than thirty days the company over exceeded their original budget goal for their  “floating star.”





Inside the box


Check out their video

You know you want one… You can check out more about these cool bonsai trees over at their Kickstarter page, or order one here.

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