Guy Intricately Cuts Paper Portraits Of Endangered Animals Around The World

In a creative effort to bring about awareness, Patrick Cabral, a Phillippines-based creative web programmer and animator has designed stacks of lace motifs depicting animals on the verge of extinction.

Their delicate and intricate features are a sad metaphor.

The striking three-dimensional layers are complex and abstract patterns depicting the fragile fate of various species including pandas, snow leopards, and pangolins should we fail to save their dwindling populations.

Some of the designs are what you’d find in calligraphy with digital designs and flourishes between each of the cuts.

Cabral is selling his work on an online auction site called Acts of Kindness where 50% of the proceeds will benefit the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Philippines.








Sea turtle



Polar bear

To see more of Cabral’s work and to purchase one of these, check out his website.

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