This Crazy Bed Concept Swallows You Inside A Steel Vault When It Senses An Earthquake

Sure, when you see the video of how this earthquake-proof bed works it may seem completely ridiculous, but it can save your life.

There’s nothing worse than dangerous weather or catastrophic events, such as earthquakes, striking in the dead of night while you’re in a deep sleep.

There’s just no time to escape it at that point. The earthquake safety bed created by Dahir Insaat could potentially be a lifesaving investment for those in seismically active regions.

The earthquake-proof bed is highly intelligent and works by transforming into a shelter during the first underground tremors of an earthquake.

The lid slams shut and you’re sealed in a breathable box that you can store with supplies until help arrives.

Once a tremor is detected you’re dropped into the box below… (LOL)


The bottom comes equipped with survival supplies


According to the Daily Mail, Wang Wenxi received a patent for his prototype in 2010, although little is known about the technical specifications of the design, or indeed whether or not it is actually going to be produced. Regardless, it’s pretty easy to grasp the basic idea – and identify its many potential pitfalls – from the animations that have been released online.

Check out the video

While this might never make it into production, the concept is pretty cool.

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