21 Hilariously Awful Kitchen Fails By People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You

Here are 21 reasons (cooking fails) you might need to leave the cooking and baking to professionals, or anyone who mildly knows what they’re doing.

Funny things happen when food is in the oven and over a stove. They expand and form shapes we really didn’t intend them to form.

We thought it seemed like a good idea forming the perfect snowman out of a sugar cookie until he came out of the oven and we realized we suck at baking.

Nonetheless, the end results ended up being filled with hilarity.

1.  So A Friend Of My Girlfriend Made A Cake For Her Daughters Birthday Party. One Of The Kids Started Crying Because It Was So Ugly


2. Bread’s Curse

3. Oh God, Please Kill Me


4.  My Eggs With Rice This Morning


5.  Pressure Cooker Nightmare


6. I Forgot I Was Making Caramel At Work. It’s A Tad Overcooked


7. Baker Lost Something. Wonder If He Noticed Or Not


8. Monkey Business


9.  Pizza Fail

10.  Wife Came Home To This


11. Tried To Make Chocolate-covered Bananas

12. This Is What Defeat Looks Like


13.  Brownie Out Of A Cup – Level: Hiroshima


14. Got Drunk, Got Hungry, Fell Asleep


15. We Ran Out Of Cooking Chocolate For The Cake For Mother’s Day, We Improvised, I Felt Like A Monster


16.  Meatloaf Baby From Your Nightmares


17.  The Snowman Came Out A Little Differently Than Expected


18. Slight Kitchen Mishap

19. A Friend Of Mine Made This. The Eyes Slid Mid-Way Through Cooking The Thing


20.  Pancake Goals

21. Nuclear Lunch Detected


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