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This Company Makes Hilarious Cardboard Tanks, Planes And Houses For Cats

Look out! It’s a kitty in a tank! Well, not really but kind of thanks to our friends over at SuckUK. They create unique gifts, accessories and home items for cats but the one that stood out, in particular, was this cardboard tank house.

If you liked their tank you’ll probably like their planes, Cadillacs, scratch laptops, DJ decks, and fire engines, to name a few.

While the cardboard tank house isn’t available for purchase right now, there are numerous items to choose from.

Your furry friend will have the coolest toys on the block for sure.

Tank House

You can buy it here

Scratching Deck

You can buy it here

Airplane House

You can buy it here

Scratching Laptop

You can buy it here

Fire Engine House

You can buy it here

Kitty Teepee

You can buy it here

Catillac House

You can buy it here

You can purchase any one of these for your cat by clicking the link below each photo.

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