Cards Against Muggles Actually Exists, And It’s What Every Harry Potter Fan Needs

We’ve all played “Cards Against Humanity” by now, but did you know there’s now a “Cards Against Muggles” created by Harry Potter superfans?

These NSFW cards feature dozens of diehard Harry Potter topics that mirror “Cards Against Humanity’s” twisted yet fun with an adult sense of humor.

From “Peeves finding you masturbating” to “actual dragon dildos” and “getting baked with super strong enchanted wizard weed.”

“Cards Against Muggles” includes 1,300 cards with various captions relating the books and diehards alike. After various copyright issues they renamed it “The Card Game That Cannot Be Named“, and now allow you to download and print each card for free.

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Image credits: meganjoannamadeline

For more information you can check them out over on Facebook.

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