Creepy Steampunk Style Anglerfish Lamps Handcrafted From Metal And Wood

Artist and sculpture Nik Burns, from the picturesque hills of Shropshire, England creates one of a kind sculptures using wood and metal.

Burns stated on his website that, “The combination of nature with machine is central to my practice and offers a common theme throughout the work. The sculptures featured below are made predominantly from wood and metal and are designed for interior display.”

Some of his works feature an Anglerfish lamp (seen below), a stag beetle, a shark, and a seahorse making a perfect garden statement piece.

“I find metal an exciting medium, the warm characteristics of copper and brass sit perfectly alongside cold unforgiving steel; contrasts intrigue me and I invite them into the creative process.

Years of visiting museums have given me grounding for my work.” Below is Burns’ Anglerfish lamp. All of Burns’ work is made by commission.










You can check out more of Burns’s work over at his website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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