28 Amazing And Slightly Ridiculous Things That Have Actually Been 3D Printed

From the latest medical devices to a strange twerking Einstein…. It’s becoming more and more apparent that 3D printers can create almost anything. Needless to say, these 3D printers seem to be capturing some major momentum in the digital age. Here are some of the cool things people are doing with them…


Your face… I know that’s kinda creepy

0e1b276217d8ac170368f0cec7f120ea_650x-OptimizedSource: reddit.com

T-Rex shower head

1ce18f215db9133c9cc3e02b22084c79_650x-OptimizedSource: reddit.com

This duck foot

1d70475190415a2b10629a3fbe6fa7ce_650x-OptimizedSource: reddit.com

A guitar

2f076c5600cbff6d6b650d3b7221de64_650x-OptimizedSource: odd.org

A Car


An entire person

9f679b542652cd50b23efbe7f05f613a_650x-OptimizedSource: reddit.com

Pinhole camera


58a571da67cdc8a6dfb8cf77e152767b_650x-OptimizedSource: 3dprint.com

A shark iPhone holder thingy

73f031544e98836af6ff7f1812d657bd_650x-OptimizedSource: shapeways.com

Rainbow sugar cubes

106c0795d111569d020b42ec20184f3b_650x-OptimizedSource: npr.org

Skull implant

222d4b09251f1059c1a255710f738f7b_650x-OptimizedSource: wired.co.uk

Hand prosthetic

gif_gifsicle_140_5720a9ed2aSource: reddit.com

Chess pieces

4078ecb1b1ca5d88c82d0a306092c576_650x-OptimizedSource: shapeways.com


7795fd72639d4f9f88c4fef74dbdc944_650x-OptimizedSource: shapeways.com

Toothbrush that cleans your teeth in under 6 seconds

8178b7ad6a26a12a3d7a4edffc33759f_650x-OptimizedSource: blizzident.com

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