24 Extremely Powerful And Startling Photos From Ferguson And Around The Nation


Here are photos of some of the carnage that’s been taking place after widespread disagreement about the death of a teenager. Some of these photos look as though they came out of a third World County, but this is America. We are all pretty aware of the situation in Ferguson by now, but have we really seen what’s taking place on the ground? Often times some of the greatest divides in a society can end with unity and connectedness, whether we see it immediately or not.

141124_GALLERY_ferguson1.jpg.CROP.original-original-OptimizedJim Young/Reuters

Nationwide protests across America took place Monday night after the decision was made to not indict an officer who killed a teen during an altercation based on evidence presented. People raged in the streets over various cities across America. What really matters here are the faces of all people of all colors on all sides. It is a powerful moment when you are able to see such heightened emotions on the streets captured in photographs. “It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies.”
― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

141124_GALLERY_ferguson8.jpg.CROP.original-original-OptimizedScott Olson/Getty Images

635524994437964999-usaferg0000006-OptimizedPhoto: Noah Berger, AP

Store owner in Ferguson after being looted


Ferguson-Riots (1)-OptimizedGetty Images

Ferguson-Riots (2)-OptimizedGetty Images

Ferguson-Riots (3)-OptimizedGetty Images

Ferguson-Riots-OptimizedGetty Images

Protester in Ferguson being treated for tear gas

Michael-Brown-protest-OptimizedAdrees Latif/Reuters

Tear gas being fired by police


MW-DA027_fergus_20141125035111_ZH-OptimizedGetty Images





s040231010-300-OptimizedCourtesy Lawrence Bryant/St. Louis American

Cars at the local Ferguson dealership set on fire

s040231016-300-OptimizedCourtesy Lawrence Bryant/St. Louis American

s040231020-300-OptimizedCourtesy Lawrence Bryant/St. Louis American

Other cities around the nation:

Los Angeles

141124_LA_protest3.jpg.CROP.original-original-OptimizedJonathan Alcorn/Reuters

Beverley Hills

635524994443615112-usaferg0000009-OptimizedPhoto: Nick Ut, AP

Fake blood thrown by protesters in New York City

635524726712634910-AP-Ferguson-Nationwide-Protests-OptimizedPhoto: John Minchillo, AP

New York City

141124_NYC_protest3.jpg.CROP.original-original-OptimizedEduardo Munoz/Reuters

Washington D.C.

141124_DC_protest3.jpg.CROP.original-original-OptimizedChip Somodevilla/Getty Images


141124_DENVER_protest1.jpg.CROP.original-original-OptimizedRick Wilking/Reuters

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