19 Cool Secret Rooms You’ll Wish You Had In Your Home

These secret rooms tucked away in these houses are pretty incredible!

I mean who wouldn’t want a book self that leads to an awesome movie room, or a secret wall that opens up to a freaking sauna!

Check out these hidden rooms below that you wish you had in your home. Some of these could even pass as panic rooms!

1. This cool bathroom room opens up to a sauna

2. This reading nook hidden up in the wall

3. Small bookshelf that leads to another part of the house

Image credits: houzz.com

4. This Narnia-like wardrobe dresser that leads to a playroom

5. This girls room leads to a peaceful study room

6. Bookshelf that opens up to another bathroom

Image credits: houzz.com

7. This bookshelf swings out at a full 360 degrees to give access to the den and private home theater

Image credits: eckelmanbros.wordpress.com

8. This incredible loft that leads to another bedroom

Image credits: houzz.com

9. A fun way to combine your child’s toy cabinet and playpen in one room

Image credits: how-do-it.info

10. The children’s bedroom opens to the family room

Image credits: houzz.com

11. Another book self that leads to an entertainment room

Image credits: thejoinery.com

12. A secret room with a walk-in closet and a daybed

Image credits: hutkerarchitects.com

13. This book self that leads to guest room tucked away at the back of the home office

14. Or this….. when you strike it rich

Image credits: freshadda.com

15. This amazing remote controlled stair case

Image credits: dailymail.co.uk

16. This panic room

Image credits: hiddenpassageway.com

17. This trap door underneath the stairs

Image credits: smartproducttechnology.com

18. This home bar hidden behind a brick wall

Image credits: hiddenpassageway.com

19. Ok…. now I’m seriously jealous

Image credits: home-reviews.com

I so want to build a secret room inside my house now! Now, check out these ridiculously cool ideas that will make your house freaking awesome!

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