17 Unintentionally Inappropriate Children’s Book Titles That Are Pretty Hilarious

Book titles and cover illustrations are supposed to grab our attention, and get us to buy the authors book. Some books are amazing at doing this, while others… well, missed the mark a little. Take for instance these book titles below, they’re not intentional, just not well thought out….. and to top it off, they’re children’s books.

Poor Bobby

book title fail

It’s pretty bad


Nothing you should know about… EVER


Great read


Is he referring to Mrs. Clause

book title weird

I’m really not sure how this one even got printed

book title wtf

Poor choice of words

childrens book fail

Oh boy…

childrens book fails

As he always does

childrens book title fail

I’m not sure who does

funniest book titles ever

oozing hard

worst book title ever

He loves muffins

worst book titles ever

This one is interesting to me

wtf book titles

And then there are these…





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